House Staging in San Diego

As a seller, preparing and selling your home can be one of the most difficult pieces of the process. This article talks about house staging in San Diego and how it can be the make or break of selling your home quickly or letting it sit on the market for months and months. You may not know what to expect when home staging in San Diego, but home staging is the key to making your listing stand out so it can sell faster and for more money. Let’s talk about the different aspects of home staging, from the ways you can do it to the incredible benefits of enlisting a professional to help.

Have you ever looked at homes for sale online and noticed that the empty rooms seem hard to comprehend? Without furniture, it’s hard to gauge how big or functional a room is. For most people, getting ready to sell means taking on this monstrous task of making an empty house somehow look like a home to potential buyers. This is where a house stager comes to the rescue. Anyone with empty rooms to be filled will appreciate the effect that well-placed, tasteful furniture has on buyers, as it allows them to imagine the potential for the space. This effect on buyers has been reported by many real estate studies, showing that staging influences buyers to offer a higher price and commit quicker.

House fluffing might seem unnecessary, but these small touches really make your house pop in online listing as well as during home tours. Fluffing is the accessorizing of your pre-sale home makeover. This is the finishing touches of house staging; where the stager brings in things like throw pillows, paintings, wall hangings, and throw blankets to make the home more inviting. If you’ve ever looked through real estate photos, notice how your eye is caught by certain photos, and you will often find that these have been “fluffed” professionally to grab your attention.

Helpful Tip: add fresh flowers to your home to make the space feel fresh and lively.

Home investors are often seeking ways to improve their turnover as they buy and sell houses for profit. One of the best ways to do that is to employ the assistance of a professional home staging company. Not only do you reap the benefits of speedier sales at higher prices, but you can trust that your home will be taken care of without any added stress to you! With the free consultation offered by our team of professionals at Universal Staging, you can get started right away and watch your house sell high and fast.

Whether you are an experienced investor, first-time flipper, or a homeowner just trying to sell your house, we offer house staging in San Diego, Orange County and San Francisco. Now, your next question may be “what does staging in San Diego cost?” Although there are varying price tags, with Universal Staging, there are never varying levels of quality. You deserve the best- and that’s what you’ll get. Contact us today.

Looking for house staging in San Diego? Need help listing your home? We offer free phone consultations and home walk-throughs to ensure your needs are met and you receive the utmost quality of service. We also carry an in-house listing agent to assist you with listing and selling your home. Give us a call to discuss house staging (San Diego, Orange County or San Francisco) at (858) 705-8397 or email us at

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